BizVest offers the opportunity for business owners and individuals to put aside money on a gradual basis to meet future cash needs.


Our savings product also serves as a collateral for business loans. Savers on the platform can access up to twice of the amount they have in savings at the point of application. 

In essence, having a N1 million in savings, qualifies savers to apply for a loan of up to N2 million from BizVest.


Our current interest rate is 8% p.a which is well above commercial bank rates. Interest earned on the savings balances is accrued daily and credited to the member's account on the last day of month, thus, enabling them to get compound interest.


BizVest Savings offers members double for their money - interest income, as well as loan amount double of their savings, to enable them achieve more.


Please see our FAQs section for more details.



BizVest offers target savings / investment opportunities in both Naira and USD.


Naira Investments

Our investment products enable members to set funds aside for specific/target needs while earning a higher interest than the normal savings.


The funds will be locked for the period of the investment and will be liquidated at maturity along with the earned interest. Withdrawal of funds will be allowed only upon maturity. Members are allowed to roll-over funds upon maturity and this can be pre-set when setting up the investment.

Emergency withdrawals, subject to a limit per annum, may be allowed. 

Dollar Investments

BizVest will also offer dollar denominated investments to members who want to hedge against currency fluctuations.


This is not currently available via the platform, but this can be arranged offline for investments of $10,000 and above. Please reach out to for more information.


BizVest offers working capital loans to members who meet the credit qualification requirements.


To qualify for a loan, members need to have 50% of the amount to be borrowed in their savings account, to serve as collateral. 


Members also need to have a 4 - 6 months savings account relationship to qualify for consideration.



Members can have access to a wide range of professionals within our network to help unlock solutions for their businesses.

Tailored advisory services are provided by our sister company - BizPartner.