1. Registration

    • How do I create a Profile?

      • Visit www.bizvest.co, click the” Register” link, and provide business details and password.

    • ​What are your products / service offerings?

      • Savings (Flexible withdrawal)

      • Investments (Fixed Term Notes in Naira and USD)

      • Lending

      • Advisory Services

  2. Savings and Investment Products

    • How do I save or Invest and what are the available options?

      • We have range of Savings and Investment products that is carefully designed for our customers

      • Savings - Minimum amount of N25,000 @8% interest p/a

      • Investment - NGN: Minimum amount of N25,000 @ 8% - 12.88% p/a

      • Investment - USD: Minimum amount of $100 @ 5% - 7% p/a

    • Can I top up my Savings at any time?

      • Yes

  3. Applying for a Loan

    • How do I apply?

      • Visit www.bizvest.co and click the ”Apply Now” button. You are only eligible to apply for a loan after saving for at least 6 months and you are only eligible to borrow the times two of your savings with us.

    • How much can I borrow? 

      • Minimum loan amount is #500,000 and the maximum amount is #5,000,000.

  4. Products

    • What loan products does BizVest offer?

      • SHORT TERM LOANS : pay one-off expenses or take advantage of a great business opportunity such as a sales discount, special orders, etc

      • LPO FINANCING : A financing option for small businesses that need money to meet a single or multiple job order(s)

      • INVOICE DISCOUNTING: A financing option for small businesses to borrow money against amounts due from customers.

      • WORKING CAPITAL FINANCE: A financing option for small businesses with regular revenue streams that need money to finance everyday operations, pay one-off expenses or take advantage of a great business opportunity such as a sales discount, special orders, etc

      • EDUBIZ LOAN: A financing option for schools that need funds to execute a short term project or pay a one off expense. Repayment is done termly in line with when school fees are received.

  5. Loan Requirements

    • What are the eligibility requirements?

      • Business must have been in operation for 2 years or more

      • Business must be located in Lagos or Port-Harcourt

      • Request letter on business letterhead 

      • CAC Documents

      • 6 Months Bank Statement

      • Copy Of Valid ID Card of business owners).

      • Where applicable, documentary proof of what funds will be used for e.g. copy of LPO, Invoice, etc.

      • Enterprise/ Ventures: a minimum of 2 guarantors

      • Limited Liability Company: Managing Director and a minimum of 2 other guarantors

  6. Accessing Loans

    • Must I have an account with an initial deposit before I can access loans from BizVest?

      • Yes. You must have either an active Savings or an Investment account with BizVest before you are eligible to access our facility

  7. Security

    • Does BizVest request for collateral?

      • We accept post-dated cheques. You do not need physical collateral such as landed property, vehicles, e.t.c.

      • You also have to provide a minimum of 2 guarantors for your loan

      • Your Savings and Investment with us will also serve as a form of collateral security

  8. Rates

    • What is the interest rate?

      • 5% per month

    • Are there any fees or charges separate from the interest on the loan?

      • Yes. Administrative fee of 2% (one-off at loan inception)

  9. Disbursement

    • How long does it take between loan application and disbursement?

      • Usually, within 48 hours after all relevant loan documents have been executed and returned to BizVest.

    • Can Business owners access loans in 48hours?

      • Typically for returning clients yes,but it may take a bit longer for first time clients.

  10. LoanTerm

    • How long can I take a loan for?

      • The minimum and maximum loan terms are 2  month and 6 months respectively

  11. Repayment

    • Can I make part-payment on my loan?

      • Yes

    • Can I pre- liquidate my loan?

      • Yes

    • Will I incur a charge if I pre-liquidate my loan?

      • No

    • Is there any benefit for pre-liquidating my loan?

      • Your interest is prorated when you pre-liquidate.

    • Can I change my repayment date?

      • Yes, if there is a valid reason for this. However, this  will attract a restructuring fee

    •  How do I repay if I don’t want my cheques presented?

      • You can make transfers/ deposits into BizVest’s Bank account.

  12. Contact

    • How can I interact with the staff of BizVest?

      • Send an email to info@bizvest.co

      • Call: 09010002088 or 0700-BIZVEST - 

      • Contact Form on website

      • Chat App

  13. Investments in BizVest

    • Can an individual invest in your pool of funds

      • We handle this on a case by case basis. Kindly send an email to info@bizvest.co

  14. Who owns BizVest?

    • BizVest is a strategic business unit of BizNurture Financial Services which owns the majority stake. Members of the coop have a minority stake.​

  15. What is special about BizVest? Why should I leave my Current Provider?

    • Compared to the banks: we pay way higher interest

    • Ease of loans

    • Specialised advisory and free business clinics and empowerment