About BizVest

Founded by BizNurture Financial Services Limited (www.biznurture.com) after operating in the SME lending space for about 5 years, BizVest was conceived in response to the yearnings of business owners to become much more.

BizVest is a platform where business owners can gradually save and accumulate much needed funds to scale, while earning decent interest rates above the money market rates. Members are also able to make targeted savings (which we call investments) towards projects and goals. To cap it up, we offer general and specialised advisory services by leveraging our combined years of experience, as well as that of our partner professional services providers.

To “Vest” is to give someone or something the power to do something… and that’s our guiding mantra, to support businesses by giving them a platform and a community that can propel them to become much more.



To be the leading provider of financial and business support services to SMEs in Nigeria.



We empower businesses and business owners to become much more through the provision of unique savings, lending and advisory services.